Fasteners Products

Parveen Metal Works are the manufacturers of precision steel fasteners, LPG Stove Nozzle, LPG Stove Plug, Coupling Nut / Dual Nut, square washers, hex bolts and Hex Nuts, Hex Lock Nut, Stud with nuts, Hex Nylock Nut, Springler Nut etc. suppliers exporters from punjab india

Code: 1001
Name Hex Bolt withNut & washers
Code: 1002
Name Hex Nuts
Code: PB 1003
Name Studs
Code: PB 1004
Name Hex Bolts
Code: 1005
Name Hex Bolt with Nut & washers
Code: 1006
Name Stud with nuts
Code: PB 1007
Name Hex Lock Nut
Code: PB 1008
Name Castle Nut
Code: PB 1009
Name Hex Nylock Nut
Code: PB 1010
Name Washers
Code: PB 1011
Name Stud
Code: PB 1012
Name LPG Stove Plug
Code: PB 1013
Name LPG Stove Nozzle
Code: PB 1014
Name Coupling Nut / Dual Nut 8mm x 10mm 10mm x 12mm
Code: PB 1015
Name Springler Nut
Code: PB 1016
Name Square Plate Washers
Code: PB 1017
Name Square Plate Washers